Smart Gray Matter is a boutique agency that provides a very high touch service for our clients. Our expertise embraces the digital environment without ignoring analog based solutions which are appropriate and valuable. Our client portfolio history is rich and diverse. We have consulted for global, fortune 500 companies, yet we have also developed brand platforms for small, local businesses in Indianapolis. Our exciting design, intuitive strategy, and ultra proactive paradigm make us an attractive resource for top-shelf marketing solutions.

Our Story

In 2008 most businesses were still trying to plot a confident course through the confusing maze that is digital marketing. YouTube was gathering some serious steam, Facebook was enduring the rigors of growing pains, and Twitter was desperately figuring out how to monetize. During this time of tremendous upheaval, Stephen Gray realized there was a remarkable need for professionals who could efficiently navigate the massive, increasingly connected world of web driven commerce. Smart Gray Matter was the result. Over the past 8 years we've seen considerable change in the collective attitude of the business world toward digital marketing, and we've seriously loved every minute of it.

Our Creative Director, Leigh Miller, was born in the sun-baked, rugged wilderness of Exmouth, Australia. As a child she spent her days soaking up the sun and energetic inspiration of the wild landscape surrounding her. It is no secret she credits many of her artistic tendencies to growing up amid the excitement and intrigue that comprises the Outback. 

While these wide open spaces work the magic of shaping an incomparable imagination, they are strikingly sparse in terms of population. Leigh's father, a Master Chief in the United States Navy, decided to move his family back to the United States before Leigh became an adult. While this was an enjoyable move for her, she will always look back upon her formative years spent Down Under with great fondness. She went on to study graphic design and has been a part of the professional community here in Indianapolis, IN for more than a decade.

Her list of accomplishments include Art Director for The Jackson Group, Graphic Designer for Need Design, Graphic Designer for ChaCha, Art Director for REACH USA, and Senior Graphic Designer for Equipment Technologies. After separating from Equipment Technologies, Leigh felt it was time to assemble a team of world class talent and start building her own legacy. She inherently knew it was time to once again "leave the Outback."

Amazingly, Smart Gray Matter approached Leigh even before her relationship with Equipment Technologies had ended. We had no idea things between them were winding down after a European acquisition, but we believe the sequence of events confirmed God's providence in the matter. In an effort to entice her to bring her incredible talents to our agency we offered her the position of Creative Director, and full partner. Since she accepted we have not looked back. Shortly after the partnership was formed we relaunched the soaring Smart Gray Matter brand that you know and love today. 


It's time to leave the Outback.